New Pools

If you’re planning a new pool, we work with you and the pool builders on-site to deliver installation on our Clear Water Mineral system


Our installation process


Step One:  Assessment and Customised planning

You’ll find our extensive services and comprehensive quotation are easy to understand. 

We’ll visit your location, inspect and  take a look at the pool plans to capture a fully considered assessment of what works best for you.

Your customised proposal and quote features recommendations best suited to your new pool. We detail all upfront fees with no hidden costs as well as optional enhancement packages that you can add later.


Step Two:  On site installation and training 

Once you’re booked in, our technicians take 24 – 48 hrs to install the Clear Water Mineral System. A thorough personalised on-site training and hand over session leaves you confident about your new system which is simple to start up and maintain. 


Step Three:  Monitoring and maintenance  

Monitoring regimes are discussed during training. If you need a little more assistance, we offer 3 monthly checks-ins as ongoing maintenance options.


Contact us

Contact our friendly team to discuss how we can transform your pool and book a consultation.


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Every swim is an enhanced water experience

Swimming pool water treatment technology has come a long way, and so have pool sanitisers.



Magnesium enriched minerals are ideal natural alternatives for swimmers with allergies, eczema or psoriasis.


  • Natural properties in pool cleaning technology through mineral elements.
  • Magnesium offers environmentally sensitive pool filtration – becoming nature’s clarifier for enhanced swimming pool care.



Clear Water Ozone Treatment reduces the need to shock your pool water with harsh chemicals. 


Ozone water acts as a natural sanitiser killing moulds, spores and nasty bacteria and offering you a safer swim.

  • returns pure, oxygen enriched water to your pool
  • instantly destroys irritants like chloramines eliminating chlorine odours, itchy skin and sore eyes
  • reduces traditional chlorine and chemicals by up to 80 %
  • contains a micro flocculant which provides shimmering, clear water
  • Prevents build-up of chemical residuals on glass and expensive paving
  • Prevents white crystal scale deposits on water line or interior
  • can easily be added to any new or existing pool



    Ultraviolet light is nature’s powerful sanitisation, destroying contaminants.


    Our Clear Water Pools germicidal light source is fitted to your pool equipment and acts as a powerful disinfectant, removing organic pollution from swimming pool water.


    • Harnesses the cleansing power of light
    • Destroys contaminants, killing bacteria and other toxic by-products of chlorine
    • Germicidal light source to your pool equipment
    • Removing organic pollutions from swimming pool water and reducing odours
    • Ozone gas micro bubbles are introduced into the UV chamber
    • Allows Advanced Oxidation Process to take place
    • Instantly releases Hydroxyl radicals destroying bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other contaminants
    • Removes irritants which cause red, stinging eyes and skin aggravations

      Superb Water Quality

      “Our children have sensitive skin and can swim for hours every day in our Clear Water Mineral pool. Our water is now crystal clear, and we haven’t had to add minerals.   I’ve talked to friends with pools and in comparison, our system is cheap and simple to run. 12 months on, our pool interior is a lovely light colour.

      Best decision we made and highly recommend the product.”

      Chris & Julia Westwood


      “We converted our pool to a Clear Water Mineral System, and it is just awesome!  Traditional salt water chlorinated pool had aggravated our children’s eczema condition to the point that they could not swim. Changing to a clear water mineral system was a gamble but we’re delighted by the results.  The water is soothing to the skin and pleasant to swim in.  Best of all the water doesn’t impact on our children’s skin condition.  Highly recommend this product to anyone.

      Alex Chamoun


      Enjoy a pure, healthy and soothing experience!


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