Magnesium Pools

The power of nature. A natural swimming experience. Good for you, good for the environment.

The power of nature. The smarts of science.  No strong chemicals. No more red eyes. No allergic reactions.

Mineral Pools designed with care for Australian conditions

Harnessing nature’s gifts of fresh-water minerals, ozone and UV light, our Clear Water Mineral System transforms your swimming pool into an environmentally friendly, chemical free wellbeing experience! You and your family will never want to swim in a chlorine pool again with a swim experience that’s superior, safe and restorative. 




Every swim is an enhanced water experience

Plunge into a swimming experience, with magnesium enriched minerals. Minerals are ideal natural alternatives for swimmers with allergies, eczema or psoriasis. The health benefits are hard to ignore, and easy to enjoy.
Convert your pool to a Clear Water Mineral Systems today



Your swim is safe and sanitised

Ozone delivers the most powerful sanitising treatment to residential pools on the market. It reduces the need to shock your pool water with harsh chemicals, and is a natural sanitiser killing moulds, spores and nasty bacteria.
Introduce Clear Water Ozone System to your pool today.



Shine the light on a healthier swim

Clean and pure technology, UV sterilisation uses light to destroy contaminants. UV pool sanitisers are a powerful oxidation that naturally disinfects swimming pools and destroys harmful microorganisms like Giardia and Cryptosporidium so that you enjoy the safest of swims.
Nourish your pool with UV Sterilisation today.

Enhanced health benefits of magnesium pools

Magnesium pools not only provide a superior swimming experience they also have a range of health benefits. Formulated to be kind to our bodies this safe swimming purification process is fundamentally good for you. Rejuvenate your skin and senses in pure waters well beyond traditional pool care – you’ll never want to swim in  a chlorine pool or saltwater pool again. 

Magnesium is an essential mineral that the body requires for good health.  Swimming in a Clear Water Pools magnesium-rich mineral pool will help the body to stay healthy and soothes the muscles of aches and pains. Other benefits of magnesium are helping the body to regulate blood pressure and enabling muscles to contract.


Swim in clear water.

Stimulate and detoxify your skin with odour-free, restorative properties of magnesium chloride.

Gentle on skin and eyes

Perfect for sensitive skin. Our freshwater mineral systems offer regenerative and hydrating properties for all conditions and is extremely gentle on itchy eyes. 

Kind on allergies

Soothes and provides welcome relief for swimmers challenged with eczema and other allergies, skin conditions, itchy, inflamed skin and joint pain.

Safe environment

Water clarity so pure it shimmers, and there’s no detectable taste or smell. Advanced bacteria prevention system eliminates contaminants and destroys impurities, bacteria and viruses .

Good for you and the environment

Healthy and safe

Easy conversions and maintenance

Professional services and support 

A natural pool care system 

How it works

Clear Water Pools Australia makes the process easy for you. Our Clear Water Purification System is a superior mineral pool water sterilisation system. The health, environmental and costs benefits are hard to ignore, and easy to enjoy. Whether you are building a new pool or upgrading your backyard pool system, we can help.

  • Stand-alone technology offering allergy free water combined with balanced water
  • New generation technology treatment enhanced with Ozone.
  • Gas injections into pool filtration systems rapidly destroy impurities, bacteria, organics and viruses. 
  • Mineral based swim system. Minerals act as natural alternatives and every swim is an enhanced water experience. 


Designed for the Australian climate


Building a new pool?

Clear Water pools Australia works with you during the installation process




Converting  your pool is easy.

Clear Water Pools Australia makes the process easy for you and your pool.



Innovative and cost saving solutions

Save money with this ground-breaking pure-water mineral system that’s energy efficient while eliminating excessive pool chemicals. Chlorinated and salt-water swimming pools can be expensive to maintain and require ongoing cleaning and probe calibration.  By reducing the need for harsh chemicals, you enjoy substantial cost savings and reduced damage to your swimming pool equipment and interiors.

Save money

Our low wattage ensures a higher energy rating, and improved cost-savings on day-to-day operations and maintenance costs. Clear Water Purification Systems require less ongoing maintenance and ensure substantial savings over your pool’s lifetime.  


Our magnesium and mineral pool systems are better for the environment. Refined efficiency solutions mean less backwashing which is just as good for your plants as it is for your skin.


A sophisticated green technology returning pure oxygen and potassium chloride rich water back to the pool.    Our fresh-water mineral blend eliminates the need for outdated sanitation and over-complicated treatment regimes. That’s great news for swimmers, the environment and your own pool.

No Harsh Chemicals

Boost your water quality and reduce harmful pool chemicals impacting your health. Avoiding harsh chemicals saves wear and tear on your equipment and pool interiors. No harsh chemicals on your body and reduces unwanted side effects too. 

No chlorine smell either.

Happy swimmers soaking up the benefits

“Within 24 hrs we noticed that the clarity of the water had improved significantly and there is no longer a heavy chlorine odour. Great investment!”

Caroline Kimberley

Middle Park

“Water quality is amazing – our kids love it. Water is soft on the skin and the  kid’s eyes no longer burn.”

Linda Grajzman


“We converted our pool to Clear Water Minerals 12 months ago.   We now only add chemicals a few times a year – it’s truly low maintenance.”

Jonathan Forster


Enjoy a pure, healthy and soothing swimming experience


with Clear Water Pools Australia

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