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Where is the Clear Water Mineral System made?

We proudly manufacture in Australia. We’re good for the economy too!

Why is Clear Water Mineral system good for skin suffers?

Clear Water Mineral’s provide a softer and more natural feel to your skin and hair. Ideal for sensitive skin, the minerals act as natural moisturiser which is rapidly absorbed into the skin. The lack of harsh chemicals makes this a safe and preferred solution for swimmers who struggle with allergies, eczema or asthma

What is a “fresh water” swimming pool?

With a next generation Clear Water Mineral System there is no ocean salt. Several mineral systems feature ocean salt as an ingredient. The TDS of our mineral combination is at a low 900 ppm which is not permissible by taste.  While there are small traces of sanitiser produced by the process, at .5ppm your senses enjoy swimming in the freshest of tasting and smelling water.

When the system is enhanced by our Clear Water Pools Ozone and UV systems , ozone and UV hardware, the Advanced Oxidation process (AOP) creates Hydro Radicals which are more powerful than chlorine and thousands of times faster. You benefit from pure, enriched, oxygenated water returning to your pool.

Is Clear Water Mineral system good for my garden and landscaping?

Yes, our product is the closest to a freshwater system that you can get.  You can use any backwash water on lawns and gardens as our magnesium content stimulates healthy growth. We truly are good for you, and good for the environment. And it’s great news for your landscaping and glass fencing, our product leave no unsightly white crystals or salt stains on the paving and walkways.

How will the Clear Water Mineral System help me use less swimming pool chemicals?

Our clear water minerals  address the calcium hardness levels of the pool  and you will find chemical consumption is reduced by up to 80%.   

Chlorine and acid demand are reduced, resulting in significantly stable water chemistry.

Traditional speciality chemicals like phosphate remover and algaecides are no longer required as is the dependence on bags of salt and shocking the pool with chlorine.  The Clear Water Ozone and UV steriliser powerfully sanitise contaminates using gas and light technology as the water flows through the reaction chamber.  Harsh chemicals are not used at all and water balance remain stable. This is a huge saving in normal chemical purchases and ongoing running costs

How long does it take to convert an existing saltwater pools to a Clear Water Mineral System?

Depending on the size and complexity of the filter system,  a conversion will take from several hours through to 24 hrs.   After glue and modified plumbing has to cured the system can be commissioned.  You will see instant water clarity results and can swim immediately, enjoying remarkable mineral benefits.

Can I just set up my pool to run on Clear Water Minerals only?

Yes, your pool can be set up to run exclusively as a Clear Water Minerals pool.  However, Ozone and UV units are additional components,  offering superior sanitisation protection to swimmers, equipment and pool interior.

What is the warranty period for the Clear Water Mineral System?

We provide a 5 year or 10,000 hrs warranty. If you add our Ozone and UV systems, the life expectancy can be extended to 7-10 yrs.

Why do I need a Clear Water Ozone unit? Does this make a difference?

The Ozone unit generates gas that is superior in performance to chlorine alone.  In fact, it can provide 80 % of the sanitation allowing a low level of chlorine residual in the pool water.

Chlorine levels can be reduced to as low as .5 ppm. This is good for your budget and your pool by extending the life of your salt chlorinator or Clear Water Minerals unit.

Even better, annoying chloramines which cause odours, skin and eye irritations are destroyed. Your water clarity improves significantly with ozone oxidising bacteria, virus’, skin particles, urine and other organisms upon contact.  

Our Clear Water Ozone unit generates up to 3 grams of ozone and this can be extended up to 25 grams for larger pools and greater swimming capacity. As the size of the ozone and UV sterilisation is increased the reliance on chlorine is greatly reduced.

Why do I need a Clear Water UV sterilisation unit? Does this make a difference?

UV sterilisation and pool systems mean you are activating the most natural and powerful of disinfectants through ultraviolet light bands. 

Clear Water pools ultraviolet light is great for pool sanitation, exposing pool water to 150 watts of intense UV sterilisation as it flows through the reaction chambers. This prevents the spread of harmful contaminants and stops the reproduction of cryptosporidium and giardia. It also eliminates chemical odours and cloudiness and the irritation from chloramines.

Running our UV steriliser in conjunction with the Ozone generator enhances your Advanced Oxidising Process (AOP). This generates Hydroxyl radicals, which are nature’s most powerful and advanced sanitises, creating instant oxidation of all contaminants in the light chamber.

What is the warranty period for the Clear Water Ozone System?

The Clear Water Ozone control unit has a 5-year warranty. Our ozone generation components  are constructed of titanium and come with a lifetime warranty.  Titanium offers superior wear, material compatibility and heat transfer.

What is the warranty period on the clear Water UV sterilisation system?

We provide a 5 year or 13,000-hour warranty.

Where can I get more information?

We’ve done our homework on why magnesium and mineral swimming pool treatments offer smart, safe and health-giving results. We know you like to do yours too. We’ve prepared  this helpful list of resources and articles:

Enjoy a pure, healthy and soothing experience!


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