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40 years of caring for swimming pools and spas across Australia

We’re a respected family business delivering safe, healthy, affordable and environmentally friendly natural mineral swimming pool treatments. 

Our director Sean Kenna is highly respected in the swimming pool and spa industry since 1983 and an accredited member of SPASA. He’s joined by wife Vicki and an experienced team of technicians who have extensive swimming pool industry knowledge.


You’ve got the added peace of mind in knowing that we’re well-respected and well and truly backed by experience.

For forty years we’ve transformed backyards and commercial properties across Australia though pool retail, maintenance and servicing and enhanced the summer swimming pool memories of thousands of families.  With a passion for water treatment development that taps into innovations in air and water purification, we service and maintain pools across Victoria from our Melbourne factory.


Immerse yourself in waters providing  health and harmony for your body

Science meets nature

Clear Water Pools Australia have combined a health-giving 3-fold blend of Ozone, UV technology and Minerals.

This ground-breaking system delivers a safer treatment and purification for healthier water in new and existing pools. Introduce our air and water purification system and customised mineral blend to your swimming pool, and  experience immediate benefits. When you choose Clear Water Pools Australia you’re opting for the most affordable product in Australia, with just a third of the minerals necessary for full functionality.

New technology making swimming pools safer than ever

While in the past we’ve used chlorine to treat swimming pools, some of the most dangerous pool contaminants are resistant to chlorine and other chemicals. Harmful organisms like Cryptosporidium require long term exposure to high chlorine levels to be destroyed.

You benefit from sophisticated green technology and bathing in beneficial pool water, whether the filter is on or off.

When switched on the minerals generate a low amount of sanitizer (20%) which maintains a safe residual in the pool to kill bacteria and other nasties. Ozone and UV sterilisation react with the other 80% of the bacteria and nasties killing them instantly on contact through the filter equipment.

There are no chemical by-products.   The Ozone and UV does its job then the depleted Ozone simply reverts back to oxygen which is absorbed into the water.

Oxygen rich water is healthy water. It destroys harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds, algae etc. in the water and is therapeutic and rejuvenating to the swimmer.

Clear Water Mineral Systems harness water and oxygen for your wellbeing.

Timeless bathing experience

Asian and European cultures have turned to mineral bathing for relaxation, and health-based treatments for centuries. We’ve harnessed this timeless approach and refined, tested and perfected it to provide a superior swimming pool product.

Swim in clear, soft waters

We leave you with water of startling clarity that looks and tastes great. No more chlorine smell and taste, no more peering through murky waters, no more itchy, harsh after swim irritation that has you racing for a shower. When you switch to Clear Water Pools Australia, you’ll find yourself swimming in what tastes and smells like fresh water.

A healthier swim in nature’s elements

Your swimming pool is about to become more than just a backyard swim. It’s a wellness experience you won’t want to get out of. Our health-giving air and water purification system rejuvenates, stimulates and balances your body.

Clear Water Pool Australia’s restorative and revolutionary water treatment combines a blend of magnesium rich minerals, borates and potassium.

While we care for your pool water quality in the most natural of ways, you benefit directly from a natural sanitising process that purifies and hydrates your skin and soothes your body.

Kind on skin, joints and health challenges

We use Magnesium Chloride compositions in all Clear Water Pools treatments. Magnesium minerals are known for their regenerative and anti-inflammatory powers for painful joints, muscular complaints, and auto-immune illnesses.

From relief from skin disorders and allergies like eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, as well as tissue repair and skin detoxification, magnesium offers extraordinary health benefits.

Swimming in a magnesium rich pool can relieve stress, promotes sleep, encourages tissue repair during pregnancy and provides more nurturing swimming properties for children’s developing bodies.


Soaking in mineral rich pool water is swimming as nature intended

Good for the earth

Using Clear Water Pools Australia products means you’re using less harsh chemicals and more plant-friendly minerals.

Any diluted backwash  can be used in watering your gardens or rinsing equipment on grass without fear of compromising the health of your plants or lawn.

Compatible and customised

Clear Water Mineral System is compatible with all swimming pools, including saltwater pools.

We aren’t an off-the-shelf swimming pool treatment blend. Our products can be adjusted to suit your particular needs and swimming capacity, or added to existing systems like salt-water chlorinators to enhance performance

We’ll transform your swimming pool into the sanctuary you deserve

Enjoy a pure, healthy and soothing experience!


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