Domestic pool, Yellingbo VIC


80, 000 litres


Excessive chlorine levels resulting in their children reporting itchy skin and red, sore eyes


We installed a Clear Water Mineral System


Six months on the client reports that their chemistry is stable with only a little acid and buffer required. They are excited to report that their water clarity is “gin clear” with no excessive chlorine levels and skin and eye irritations 

Client Testimonial

“Without a doubt one of the best decisions we have ever made!  For 3 years we really struggled with the water chemistry and probes.    It was too hard and complex to manage the system and chemicals.    We were referred to Sean and his team who listened to the issues and came up with a customized solution.  Six months on we haven’t had an issue with sore eyes and itchy skin.   The pool shimmers!

Alex Milledge, Yellingbo

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